Best Science Fiction Series

Best Science Fiction Series according to the Texas Association of Authors. That was the award for my first three books in the Host series starting with Future Discovered. Was I surprised? Yes. How did it feel? After a lot of work, it was great to have some solid recognition. I think that many new authors wonder how their work will be received. Secretly, I think they feel (as I did) that their work just can’t measure up to all those great books that have come before. Many of us have guarded expectations even though we work hard. I don’t mind telling you that it is a real boost for an award like this to come along. It may not have been a NYT Best Seller, but it felt like it.

Another thing that happens when something like this comes along is that we now have a higher bar set for ourselves. It makes us work even harder on the next book. I can honestly say that was the case for New Horizons, Book 4 in the Host Saga which comes out on December 1st.

new horizons host saga book 4I wrote, re-wrote and wrote again. My principal editor, Tammy Salyer, ravaged the first draft and nearly did the same on the second look. So, I worked more and I’m glad I did. When I was done, author Danielle Vann had me submit New Horizons to Readers’ Favorite and then to Midwest Book Reviewreaders' favorite 5 stars. Again, my expectations were guarded. I had never done this before. The first review came in at 5 Stars. Had to be a fluke, right? Then the second one came in at 5 Stars. Then the third, fourth and fifth ones came in. All 5 Stars! Forget about the Best Science Fiction Series, this was even better!

But, what about the Midwest review? It was slow to come in and I started to worry … again. Finally, it arrived from D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer for Midwest Book Review. And it was a good one! Imagine the smile on my face … along with the relief. Of course, the real sign of good work is when people start buying and reading the books. So far, New Horizons has been on pre-order with Amazon and orders are coming in from all over. The real proof of success, however, will be seeing the reader reviews! If . . . no, when you order the book, please review it on Amazon and Goodreads!

So, am I now satisfied? Have I reached the ultimate achievement level? No! The bar has been raised higher again! That makes the next book, Dark Enemy, even more of a challenge.

How have you enjoyed the series so far?

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