Black Friday Sale

Future Discovered is on a Black Friday sale for five days. Wednesday the 21st through Sunday the 25th! This is the book that started the Host Saga.
The eBook is on sale for 99 cents. That’s 67% off! The print book is on sale for only $10 for a 23% savingsFuture Discovered - By Michael J. Farlow. This series will be four books long when New Horizons launches on December 1st. Follow the saga of Van Childs as increased responsibilities and expanding inter-galactic troubles fly in the face of preparing humans to face potential destruction.  Tell your friends!

“Future Discovered will have you questioning the use of advanced technology and the future of humanity. This is a unique, compelling and intriguing combination of science fiction and thriller. A must read.” – Bob Mayer, New York Times Best Selling author

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