Future Discovered

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All Van wanted was a peaceful place to get away from noise and stress. Instead, he stumbles on alien technology hidden in the mountains of Arizona and his plans vanish. Presiding over the new technology is a pushy AI who recruits (blackmails?) Van into assisting him. Van discovers the extent of both the cache of technology and its importance to mankind.
However, unknown to both Van and the AI, there is another human who has plans to defeat both Van’s efforts, and mankind’s ultimate survival.


Immortal Guardian
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In this second book of the Host Saga, Van Childs faces a new and more difficult decision. To continue the path he reluctantly started with no turning back and the prospect of facing a lonely, immortal future. Or, opting out and allowing mankind to fend for itself. With his previous enemy defeated, it is possible he can now continue plans to prepare mankind to meet the Arkon if he chooses. New to him is the revelation by the caretaker AI that there is another base on the moon with even more technology. What Childs doesn’t consider is the possibility that individual, state and even extraterrestrial forces might act against his efforts and the interests of mankind.


 Search For Help
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Van Childs continues his mission to ready Earth for the Arkon invasion. He now realizes that his own interplanetary Guardian Force’s and the Earth Federation’s combined ability to prepare for and defend against the Arkon is not enough. If they are going to be ready in time, Van has to gamble Earth’s—and his own—safety and embark on a desperate search for help in unexplored parts of the galaxy. But political upheaval in the Federation and a traitor within the Guardian Force ranks threaten to derail the mission, and at the crucial moment when help is within their grasp, an attempt on Van’s life forces them to return to Earth—and face an enemy he never could have anticipated.
In Search for Help, international and galactic intrigue combine with space combat and treachery to determine the human race’s future.
“The plot here moves along at a fast pace. The storyline successfully delivers a growing sense of tension, plenty of twists, and a cliffhanger ending.” Booklife by Publishers Weekly

New Horizons
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Van Childs and Galactic Force chart a bold new course of exploration and alliance building as they prepare for the looming, and potentially humanity-ending, Arkon invasion. The latest gift from the Host, the exploratory cruiser New Horizons, provides higher levels of technology and weaponry while extending the self-contained reach of Galactic Force as they seek more friends to ally against the Arkon. However, preparations to meet the Arkon are seriously impaired by sabotage and piracy that cripple vital allied shipbuilding. Amid these problems, the Arkon unleash an unexpected and powerful attack on the allied fleet and Zarminia, both of which face complete and utter destruction. Be prepared for a wild ride, more intrigue and surprises in the longest and most action filled book of the series to date.
“An action-packed military sci-fi space opera thriller that pairs powerful dialogue and interpersonal relationships with an overlay of forces struggling to survive. This will delight readers who enjoy vivid stories of alien encounters and world-changing clashes.”
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
“The concept is bold, the language confident, and the plot so cunningly done it keeps the reader’s imagination gripped.”    Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite  Five Star
“Although I have yet to read any of the others, it’s worth noting that is definitely not a necessity to enjoy this particular episode. It is stand-alone and the author has done an excellent job of sprinkling the narrative with hints and clues as to what may have happened before.”    Grant Leishman for Readers’ Favorite  Five Star
“The political situation of the galaxy was well thought out, and Michael Farlow does a great job of hanging our hopes on sensible and diplomatic means, then dashing them all as war breaks loose anyway. ”    K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite   Five Star

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Dark Enemy
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Dark Enemy by Michael J. Farlow is the fifth book in the science fiction space opera epic Host Saga serie, preceded by Future Discovered, Immortal Guardian, Search For Help, and New Horizons. This installment continues to follow Van Childs, the reluctant hero and savior of humanity, who now finds himself in a position of absolute and incontrovertible military power beyond which anyone could possibly imagine—and something he most certainly does not want. Political maneuvering both within and against the Galactic Force threaten universal stability and those who believe Childs stands in the way of their own nefarious goals, under the guise of his perceived abandonment of Earth, plot their revenge. On the personal front, Childs juggles unexpected news from Rose as he leads his crew and allies in the fight of their lives.

“. . . The intrigue in the plot builds gradually, but when it hits, it becomes a real rollercoaster of action and tension for the rest of the novel, so there’s a really nice balance of character development for the series and all-out sci-fi military warfare to keep readers fascinated. Overall, Dark Enemy is a highly recommended science fiction novel for fans of the series so far: you won’t be disappointed by Van Childs’s latest endeavors.” 

                                                              K.C. Finn for Readers’ Favorite, 5 Stars

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