Reviews Are Important Part 2

Several blogs past, I wrote about reviews and their value to authors. My focus, I now know, was limited. I was thinking of reader reviews on Amazon and even Goodreads. Those are important, there is no doubt. However, as I become more aware of the details of marketing, professional reviews are also important in advance of a book launch. Author and marketing guru Danielle Vann has walked me down the path of advanced promotion before a book comes out. We have requested reviews from several sources for book 4 New Horizons and, so far, Readers’ Favorite has been very good to me to say nothing about being prompt.

Readers’ Favorite grades books on a scale of 1-5 Stars. I told Danielle that I didn’t expect 5 Stars, but I was eager to see what would be said. To my surprise, New Horizons received five 5 Star reviews! Now, as we travel the marketing campaign path, we have valuable evidence that the book has merit. We are awaiting other professional reviews, but these make me feel pretty good. What I’ve learned has come late for the other books, but the exposure to New Horizons should have an impact on the readership for books 1-3.

Sadly, I don’t think many writers are aware of the value and availability of these sorts of reviews. On a Twitter chat (yes I’m learning about Twitter) a few nights ago with a group of writers I asked what they thought of Readers’ Favorite and the resultant reviews. To my surprise, only one out of twenty had heard of Reader’s Favorite. None, had participated. I guess I’m not surprised since I’m new to the process as well and only learned about the advanced review capabilities recently. I wrote that off as my being a relatively new author. The people I was speaking with, however, have been exercising their craft for much longer.

Finally, the 5 Star ratings encouraged me to enter the Readers’ Favorite International Book Contest. Results will be announced in about 180 days. I may never reach the Best Selling category, but awards are helpful and make you feel good!

What reviews have you requested and received?

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