Awards and Rewards

This has been an award-winning year so far in many ways. Perhaps the brightest spot was winning the Best Sci-Fi Series Award by the Texas Association of Authors. This was all about the Host Saga featuring Van Childs and his fight to prepare and save mankind from a ruthless, world gobbling scourge known as the Arkon. The award was presented to me and a number of other authors at the association’s annual marketing event and awards dinner last month in Dallas, Texas.


This was my second year attending the event and each time I go, I come away with so much new information that my head can hardly hold it all. Beyond learning more about how to market books, I feel the greatest value is meeting other authors and learning from them. For example, I have a Twitter account into which I personally have not made a single entry. Other organizations like Author Shout and Texas Authors, Inc. have done so on my behalf … but not me. I met an author named Tui Snider who swears she can break me of this phobia. So, I’m going to give it a shot… first to a small group of authors and then more broadly.

I also met an interesting woman named Kimberley Hobscheid who is an audio book producer with I’m Hearing Stories. We agreed on a contract for at least the first book in the Host series (Future Discovered) to be converted to an audio book and offered on the Amazon platform Audible. The first narrator interviews are in and I believe I have selected the best one among several. She assures me that in less than 90 days the book will be available in an audio format. If that one goes well, we have an agreement to do the same with the next three.

Finally, I also met an extraordinary woman named Danielle Vann. She is an 18-award winning author and has substantial experience in book marketing. We are embarking on a joint program to launch Book 4 (New Horizons) on December 1st of this year. I know I promised that I would have it out in October, but the plan requires a slightly later launch date. Sorry to my readers, especially Chris. BTW, New Horizons is my longest and most action-oriented book yet.

Thanks for all your interest and please help by telling others about my books!
Are you a member of a book club that reads a book and then asks the author questions? AND, have you done that via Skype? Let me know.

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