Retribution Goes to Beta Readers 7/1/21

Due to the high demand for editors right now, I have to take every opportunity to get comments on this book, so I can launch it in a reasonable time this coming year, 2022. Normally, I would send a Beta read out after the first edit, but my editor, Tammy, is jammed up with other books right now. She proposed a different schedule. She wants me to write TWO books by January 10th to maximize her coming availability!  So, I have tried to pick up my speed to meet that challenge. I finished the first draft of Retribution yesterday. In going fast, I may well have made a few more errors than in the past, especially in areas like flaws in the plot, contradictions/continuity within the book, and just plain mistakes. I’ve asked my Beta readers to help me here while I try to figure out what the next book will be.

For the next book, my wife suggests I start with, “In a new galaxy Far, Far away …” but I don’t think that will work. Book 3 may well take place in another galaxy such as Andromeda, but that’s where I stop. I have to have some long conversations with my characters to see what they think. They usually have great guidance.

When I know what’s next, I will tell you all first or at least as soon as I can. I will say I’m leaning to NOT use first person going forward. A number of readers want more depth in characters, and I want that also.

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