Dark Enemy Wins First Place

I was just notified that Dark Enemy won First Place in Science Fiction from the Texas Institute of Authors annual awards. The contest was entered late last year with awards being announced just now. It was intended to be the last book in the Host Saga, but one never knows.

Meanwhile, Crucible has launched and has been entered into several awards contests. As you may know from my past posts, this book has been a change in both characters and tense. For the first time, I used first-person. Not the way exactly that the rules call for, but basically the same. For those of you who have never written in this tense, it is HARD. There are some good aspects to it, and some that are “less good.” Part of the “less good” I found out is that character development beyond the person telling the story is, by rule, limited. So, while we know a fair amount about Nick, we know less about Amini, Doc, Tiana, and Sif. That, unfortunately, is the rule. The next book, Retribution, will continue in the same tense/format. However, I am debating on what to do after that. I like the Argos concept and can see interesting opportunities ahead. Currently, I am looking for a way to step out of first-person while still continuing the series.

Have any ideas?

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