Host Saga, Next Book

A number of people have been asking when Book 5 in the Host Saga, Dark Enemy will be out. The original plan was to launch this December. However, my prime editor tore it all apart, requiring a complete re-write. I hate re-writing! So, like many people, I dragged my feet for a while. Finally got it done and re-submitted. This time she liked it. Thank heavens! It recently went through copy edit and is now in proof.

The way it looks now is a January or February launch. Wish it was different, but that’s the way it is. Still some design work to do and, of course, some pre-launch marketing and reviewing.

What I’ve learned is that many books can take as long as two years to go through the whole process. So, I guess I’m ok. I’m trying not to take any short cuts, especially in the editing process. Nothing turns me off more than reading a book with bunches of errors, even when the story is good.

Meanwhile, I’m preparing a December launch of my second edition non-fiction book Leaders are Made Not Born.  All the editing is done, and the final design touches are being made now.  It recently got Five 5 Star Reviews from Readers’ Favorite as well as great endorsements.  

If you have any questions, please let me hear them.

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