Kindle Scout Program and Campaign

If you nominated Future Discovered during my Kindle Scout campaign you already know that the book was not selected for the program even though you all provided tremendous support. While I am disappointed, I am not that surprised. For a first fiction novel to be selected the chances are quite low (less than untitled3%). But, all is not lost. I learned a lot.
First, as a good friend pointed out, my first two chapters could have been leaner and quicker paced. I’ve taken the time to make some changes to chapters 1 and 2 as well as some changes in the rest of the book. To that extent, I’m smarter now.
As the campaign progressed I also became aware of marketing avenues I was not aware of. Some simple like Author Shout ($10) and some more complex like boosted Facebook ads. I also discovered how Kindle Boards (KB) can be a great help. LG (Liz) O’Connor pointed me in that direction right away when the campaign started. Aside from a thread dedicated to the Kindle Scout program and current campaigns, there are plenty of other threads well worth participating in. KB also has very affordable advertising opportunities as well. True, KB is focused on eBooks but advertising the eBook also steers people to your print book location on Amazon and reviews of the eBook carry over to the print book as well.
Will I participate in Kindle Scout again? I’m not sure. Aside from the age-old adage “Never say Never”, I convinced a lot of people to take the time to nominate the book and I am not eager to ask the same favor again, certainly not right away. Do I think it has some advantages? Yes, if you are selected. Aside from the $1500 advance, the exposure Kindle Press and Amazon can provide exceeds what you can do for yourself.
It was an interesting adventure and I’m glad I followed Liz’s advice to give it a try. If you are interested sign up for KB and join the thread Kindle Scout experiences & Nomination Requests (MERGED). Watch it for a while and ask questions. Also, read Lincoln Cole’s eBook, Kindle Scout Guide.
Have you had such an experience? Let me know.

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