Introverts and Extroverts and the relationship to Writers and Marketing

An author friend of mine (Bob Mayer) recently wrote a blog article that explained to me the difficulty writers have with marketing. Writers it seems are mostly introverts while people good at marketing are more extroverted. Introverts are not the life of the party. They are introspective and love exercising imagination. They are, therefore, creative. Solitude is fine since it gives the introvert an uninterrupted time to think. In crowds, they are inclined to sit on the sidelines and observe. . . and they do a great job of that. They analyze people, problems and life in general. In short, they are always thinking, taking in everything around them, and seeking solutions to problems but seldom actually interacting.

Introvert or EXtrovert
Extroverts, on the other hand, are generally gregarious. They like action and even noise around them. Some say they draw energy from the tumult around them, whereas introverts are drained of energy in the same environment. Extroverts tend to be more spur of the moment thinkers and action takers. They prefer to be in motion and actively doing things … sometimes the things don’t matter if the energy is there.
When you think of marketers, what do you think of? Hail fellow well met. Able to talk your ear off. Has long lists of contacts and mixes well with nearly everyone. Has something to say of interest about nearly everything . . . even if the interest is only his or hers. I think you know the type of person I’m talking about. Great sales men and women. Fun to be around. Quite a contrast to introverts, aren’t they?
Bob uses Myers-Briggs assessments to help our appreciation along. Myers-Briggs has several categories labeled Author or Writer. Would it surprise you to learn that most introverts fall into the author/writer categories? By this time, I hope not. Personally, I’m an INTJ, an author/writer.
I guess then you have guessed that marketers are mostly NOT introverts. And, you would be correct. ESTPs like Jordan Belfort in the Wolf of Wall Street. ENTPs like Steve Jobs. ENFPs like Walt Disney. And finally, ENTJs like the character Gustavo Fring in Breaking Bad.
So is it any wonder that authors and writers love being creative and telling rich, detailed stories but can’t market for . . . poop? I know that’s me. Not only am I not good at marketing, I hate it. But, at the same time I know it must be done. UGH!
If you want to hear this put another way, read Bob Meyer’s blog post here.
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