Crucible is coming in 4 weeks!

Here’s a surprise.  Four weeks out from launch, the crew of the Argos came to me and asked if they could say a few things about their adventure. I gave it some thought and finally said, “yes, as long as you don’t all speak at once.” They agreed to speak once a week for four weeks. Here is the young Captain Hall of the Argos.

Print books will be available on Feb 16.

eBooks are on Pre-Order here.

“Crucible: Records of the Argos is a series of fast-paced leaps through space, dropping into multiple worlds, moons, asteroids, and outright adventures at a breakneck speed. The characters are all rich and individual in makeup, … and are most engrossing. … 
The way this is written is a little different, being told from the first-person perspective of Nick Hall, and including some commentary directed to the reader, but I think it works wonderfully to more effectively draw you into the story … I would recommend Crucible to anyone seeking a good, clean, action-packed adventure with unique content and an innovative writing style.”                                                                                                       

  Steven Robson for Readers’ Favorite, Five Stars

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