Crucible Update: New Milestone

At times it seems like writing just drags on … and it’s true. This is especially true during the editing process. My principal editor Tammy sent me her first impressions of Crucible over a month ago. I just finished all the re-writes. Phew! There were so many small and large changes I’m wondering if my Beta readers will recognize the story! She is usually spot on, however, so the extra effort is worth it.

Tammy usually does a second brief look, and then I’m off to the copy editor and the proofreader, which should start September 1. When I tell people it takes about a year to write and publish a book, most of that is some form of editing and the schedule that goes with it. There are writers who don’t do half what I do, but I want to be proud of my work and not have readers all caught up in mistakes. If that happens, they don’t get all the story enjoyment.

Something else I realized a few days ago, for many (if not most) writers, things get harder over time, not easier. I attribute that to what you learn as you progress. When you start, everything is relatively quick and easy. That’s because you really don’t know what you’re doing. 😊  Its when you get better that you see all the little extra things that make a good story great, and it takes more time. I suppose if you’re one of those really prolific writers on the Best Seller lists, that may not be true. But most of us aren’t … yet.

So have patience. Crucible should launch January 19, 2021. Meanwhile, I have started on a potential next book to follow Crucible called Retribution.

If there is something you would like to know, ask me.

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