What Have I Been Doing?

So, what have I been doing you ask? At least some people have asked. The truth is I’ve been consumed this year by writing Book 4, New Horizons, and working on my other job as a leadership coach. Did I mention that I have also been working on a very small book called Quick Tips for Leaders? I just did. It should be out in late March or early April.

New Horizons, has just now reached the first draft stage. I’m letting it sit for a while before I look at it again and give it to the first editor. Of all the books so far, this one has been the most difficult, mostly because I deviated from my normal pattern. This time I tried to make and outline and work from that as a guide. But it didn’t work. I hit about a third of the words I needed and ran out of story. For previous books, I’ve just allowed the story to tell itself and end when it ended. I’m back to doing that now. I’m just not an outliner I’ve discovered.

Anyway, in its current stage the book is 86,600 words which is similar to the first three. That will change when I get into editing, probably causing it to expand somewhat. On the advice of one editor, I’m letting it sit for a while (a few weeks) before I look at it again. The cover art is done, however, and it looks like this.

Meanwhile, I started Book 5 tentatively called The Arkon. I have a rough idea of how it will go and am back to letting the story develop on its own.

Based on my current schedule, New Horizons should launch in November of this year. The Arkon is less clear but I’m shooting for April or May of next year. I’d like all these launch dates to be sooner, but as I’ve mentioned before I’m a slave to the schedule of editors. Oh, by the way, my really good proof reader has dropped out of the fiction business and another one hasn’t popped up yet.

One last thing. As some of you know I play with some of the graphics related to the books and I just did my first one minute “video” covering the first three books. It looks like this.

That’s where I am currently and you’re seeing it first because you signed up for the blog. Thank you for all your kind comments and encouragement.

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