My Latest Marketing Adventure

Just had a great marketing adventure in Houston, Texas. Many of you know I have never professed to be a very good marketer . . . it’s part of the life of an introvert. So, when the opportunity comes to sit and listen to LOTS of great information, I usually try to take advantage of it.

This past weekend, the Texas Authors organization sponsored a day and a half of intensive sessions. I knew I was doing better than when my non-fiction book came out several years ago, and I have been. But, there is so much more that I (and you as a potential author) can do. There were two levels of information, Marketing 101 and 201. Clearly, I opted for the 101 variety. Some of the most important sessions for me included: How to grow an email list of avid fans; A better elevator (lunch line) pitch; Marketing outside your computer; and How to be successful in television and radio interviews.

It was intensively interactive and we heard from a bunch of authors with both suggestions and questions. One of the most fun sessions was led by Debra Winegarten, author of Oveta Culp Hobby: Colonel, Cabinet Member, Philanthropist and There’s Jews in Texas? It’s hard to describe here all she provided, but with sub topics like ‘What’s an Introvert to Do?’, you can see why I was captured.

As I told my wife when I got home exhausted, “It was like drinking from a fire hose.” But in a good way. And, it isn’t all about making money. For many of us it is about sharing your art and ideas. It is also an incredible challenge. . . marketing and writing. As we were told many times, being an author is about 20% writing and 80% trying to get your products read.

Next year the conference will be in Las Colinas, Texas (Dallas) July 27-29. If interested, you can see the schedule and sign up here.

What do you think about marketing and how to do it?

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