Goodreads is a Treasure for Authors and Readers

I’ve been a member of Goodreads for a little over five years. Goodreads describes itself as a free website for book lovers. Imagine it as a large library that you can wander through and see everyone’s bookshelves, their reviews, and their ratings. You can also post your own reviews and catalog what you have read, are currently reading, and plan to read in the future. I might also add that it is an excellent source of new works by authors you like but who may or may not be on one of the multiple best seller lists.
It is also a free website to learn about new authors and follow their works. I can’t say it’s a place that authors advertise because that is an expensive proposition and has limitations that prevent readers from being deluged with author promotions. Authors can, however, offer free advanced copies (ARCs) of books in return for reviews or they can offer giveaways of print copies to the reading community.
As a matter of fact, I’m running a giveaway now for 15 books. True it is a promotion, but as a new fiction writer what a great way to let people learn about you and your work. Author Jen Talty told me about this years ago when I published my first book, Leaders are Made Not Born (non-fiction). But, I didn’t do it. A dumb mistake on my part.
Now just a week into the giveaway, I’m hearing from and getting support from great readers who appreciate the books I like and the work that I do. As a reader I’ve written about fifty reviews of books that I’ve read, so I feel a part of the greater Goodreads community.
As an author, but certainly as a reader, I encourage you to take a look at Goodreads and joining with 55 million people who like what you do in books. You don’t have to join in forum conversations if you don’t want, but my bet is that you will enjoy the relationship. And, did I say it’s free?
What do you think?

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