Short Schedule Delay and Audience Help

Oh boy, schedule delay again.  I dragged my feet and now my proofreading won’t start until the first week in January. I wanted it to be in December, but I waited too long to schedule. My fault. I have the copy edits back for Books 1 and 2 but I’m holding off making changes until after Dec 12th. What’s that you say? What’s so important about December 12th? . . . That’s when Book 3 is due for its first (developmental) edit. I figure I’m challenged enough to reach that date given how screwed up Book 3 was just a few months ago. In the last two weeks, I’ve gone through it twice making changes and I’ll probably do that another two times. Then my editor, Tammy, will find lots more to be done. But that’s ok, I need the help on this one.
My intention was only to do a trilogy with this story line and list of characters. Like most things, however, it could go either way. Until last night I had a good ending for the series . . . until I was motivated to experiment with and Epilogue. Oops, it opened the door to more but I’m still not sure if that’s what I will do.
I’m also trying to get better at PR than I was in my first book way back when. I’m currently doing this blog, writing articles for LinkedIn and starting to ramp up Facebook entries. I was also able to auto link my blog posts to Goodreads. To be fair, I’m writing those things but I couldn’t do it without my social media expert, Kristie. She makes the whole thing work. Oh, and we sent out our first author newsletter recently. That may sound like a lot and, compared to my first book, it is. But there is much to do.
If anyblog-picone out there wants to help, turn some people on to the blog and what I’m doing. I need to get a bigger audience!

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