Always more editing to be done

Editing continues. After writing my note on my US Naval Academy Classmates, I realized I haven’t talked much about what I’m doing now as far as writing is concerned. I have gone fishing a few times, but I’ll save that for later.

About two weeks ago I finished making the latest second round editorial changes to the first two books. My next goal is to send them both to copy editing by November 1st. After coming back from Write on the River, I decided to look at book 1 (Future Discovered) again. There were a few things I had to match up with the second book, Immortal Guardian. Much to my surprise, however, I found a lot more that had to be done. It seems that when I learn new things or change stuff (re plot and actions) in one book, I really need to go back to the other and apply the same lessons or related changes. The advantage of writing more than one book in a series before publication, is that what you learn or change in a later book, you can go back and apply the necessary fixes in the earlier ones. My thanks again to L.G. (Liz) O’Connor for that piece of advice.

Anyway, when I started this look at book 1, I was afraid that it might be too much to complete before the Nov 1st deadline. I was worried. Now, however, I’m over halfway done and the deadline is now looking safe. For those of you who may not realize it, editors have schedules too. Any author has to work into that schedule. It slows things down, but in the case of my editor, Tammy Salyer, it’s worth it!

So why is it taking so much extra time? For me, it is learning how to write about and depict emotions. Not just the laughing and crying stuff, but things like anger, frustration, desperation, confusion, etc. Emotions are expressed in books by words and by the descriptions of character’s actions.  I found I was doing better with emotions in book 2 and now have to put those same lesson to work back in book 1. By the way, while doing this I thought it might be interesting to write a book for authors giving examples of how to put emotions on paper. But, like most ideas, somebody already thought of it. Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi have written a book called The Emotion Thesaurus. It’s on Amazon if you’re interested.

Ok, that’s enough for now. Keep watching and maybe I’ll share some of the fishing I’ve been doing . . . and will be doing this coming weekend.


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