Write On The River

Just came back from my third Write On the River experience at the home of Best Selling Author Bob Mayer and Deb Cavanaugh on the Tennessee River in Knoxville. It‘s a beautiful place as you can guess by the poster picture. And the two labs, Becca and Gus make you feel at homewor_house

The work area downstairs now has a large table top so spread stuff on and gather four to six people at once to chat about our work. Or in my case, my problems. Bob and Deb provide lots of insight and ideas but so do the other writers. In the retreat visits some people climb onto the window seat of the upstairs blue room and just type away in quiet seclusion looking over the beautiful river and the homes around it.

However, everybody breaks for the fantastic meals Deb comes up with along with the Taittinger Champaign.2016-09-11-16-02-572016-09-11-19-59-08

We are all sad to leave when the weekend is over … but every trip is worth the time and expense.

If you get the chance, GO!


BTW, the name and location have changed. Bob and Deb moved. They call it Writing Scenic now.


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