New science fiction writer

I’m taking a break from the re-write of Book 2, Immortal Guardian. As a new science fiction writer, I thought that in this book I would have done a better job than I did in Book 1, Future Discovered. In some cases, that’s true. In others … well let’s just say I still have work to do.

As of yesterday I distributed Future Discovered to 5 beta readers. Beta readers are folks who love to read, especially Science Fiction in my case, and who are willing to be honest and critical of the work and provide feedback to me before going to copy editing.  All of them seem eager to read for me but, as I told my wife Lynne, when they are done I still have to collate the results and then make more changes.  People told me that when writing fiction, be willing to take criticism.  The criticism bothers me a little, but the re-writing can be a lot of work!

Interestingly, only a handful of people know I have taken on this new adventure as a  new science fiction writer. It is very different from my other writing and my day job. I’m something of an introvert and not prone to tell much about what I do. However, after writing my non-fiction book (Leaders are Made Not Born), I realized how important it is to be known to people and to let them know about me and my work. Hence this Blog and, in less than a month, a new Facebook and LinkedIn page . . .  to be followed by a newsletter.

Fortunately, I have good help in creating an on line presence.  I have a really smart and talented helper named Kristie who does a great job with social media. She likes to stay in the background., but you will be seeing her work soon.

Please spread the word of this adventure and feel free to ask questions . . . it will help me do more of these.

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