Welcome to my site. Some of you who know me realize that up to now I have been writing non-fiction… but I’m on a new adventure. Science Fiction. In some ways it’s harder and in others it’s much more fun. As a former Navy pilot and an aerospace systems engineer I developed an appreciation for complex systems along with the love of flight and the reality of combat. Throw in years of reading the SF stories I love and I guess this was a natural progression.

Follow along with my Blog where I tell my story of writing as I experience the ups and down of the process.

Presently there is one book available now, Future Discovered and two books  in draft/editing stage.

  • Future Discovered  Available now on Amazon
  • Immortal Guardian  Available now on Amazon
  • Search for Help  Coming at the end of the year

Keep watching for the latest news!

Immortal Guardian

Immortal Guardian is now available in eBook and Print format! Order Now!

What reviewers are saying:

Immortal Guardian continues the engaging and thought provoking Host Saga. A great read!

–  Bob Mayer, New York Times Best Selling Author

Future Discovered - By Michael J. Farlow

Future Discovered is now available in eBook and Print format! Order Now!

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What reviewers are saying:

Future Discovered will have you questioning the use of advanced technology and the future of humanity. This is a unique, compelling and intriguing combination of science fiction and thriller. A must read.

–  Bob Mayer, New York Times Best Selling Author

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