Welcome to my site. Some of you who know me realize that up to now I have been writing non-fiction… but I’m on a new adventure. Science Fiction. In some ways it’s harder and in others it’s much more fun. As a former Navy pilot and an aerospace systems engineer I developed an appreciation for complex systems along with the love of flight and the reality of combat. Throw in years of reading the SF stories I love and I guess this was a natural progression.

Follow along with my Blog where I tell my story of writing as I experience the ups and down of the process.

Presently there is one book available now, Future Discovered and two books  in draft/editing stage.

  • Future Discovered  Available now on Amazon
  • Immortal Guardian  Available at the end of June, 2017
  • Search for Help  Coming at the end of the year

Keep watching for the latest news!

Future Discovered - By Michael J. Farlow

Future Discovered is now available in Kindle eBook format! Order Now!

What reviewers are saying:

Future Discovered will have you questioning the use of advanced technology and the future of humanity. This is a unique, compelling and intriguing combination of science fiction and thriller. A must read.

–  Bob Mayer, New York Times Best Selling Author

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