Next Book

Many of you have asked when the next book in the Host Saga will be out. The simple answer is, I can’t say. The series might be over, OR Book 6 might come later. I haven’t decided yet. Meanwhile, I have been working on a new book. Until now, it has been titled Nickolas and Mr. Harry. That has changed, as you see in the proposed cover. It is now called Crucible: Records of the Argos.

The first draft was completed in late May, the first of several edits is back, and re-write is underway. It should be out later this year or in January, depending on several factors. I will tell you, it is different from the earlier Host Saga books. For one thing, it will have more humor. For a second thing, it is largely in first person. I say largely because it will break with the “rules” of writing and combine first-person and omniscient. Purists won’t like that, but hey, it’s my book.   Here is a short blurb to tease you.

The Arkon war is over and gone. Nick Hall and his small crew are tasked by Consortium intelligence to investigate the inner regions of the old Arkon empire and learn why ships are disappearing there. They travel in an old cargo ship called the Argos.  Except the Argos is not what she appears. On the inside, she was redesigned to have an assortment of advanced capabilities to both assist and protect her on her voyage. Early in her undertaking, she and the AI who assists the crew both undergo a mysterious change caused by something or someone known only as The First Order. What happens takes the ship, the crew, and their AI on an adventure they were not prepared for.

I still have lots to do but will keep you posted.

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