Future Discovered

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All Van wanted was a peaceful place to get away from noise and stress. Instead, he stumbles on alien technology hidden in the mountains of Arizona and his plans vanish. Presiding over the new technology is a pushy AI who recruits (blackmails?) Van into assisting him. Van discovers the extent of both the cache of technology and its importance to mankind.
However, unknown to both Van and the AI, there is another human who has plans to defeat both Van’s efforts, and mankind’s ultimate survival.


Immortal Guardian
Print book and eBook Available Here  Now!

In this second book of the Host Saga, Van Childs faces a new and more difficult decision. To continue the path he reluctantly started with no turning back and the prospect of facing a lonely, immortal future. Or, opting out and allowing mankind to fend for itself. With his previous enemy defeated, it is possible he can now continue plans to prepare mankind to meet the Arkon if he chooses. New to him is the revelation by the caretaker AI that there is another base on the moon with even more technology. What Childs doesn’t consider is the possibility that individual, state and even extraterrestrial forces might act against his efforts and the interests of mankind.



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